PR EnumerateAddrInfo

Enumerates each of the possible network addresses of a PRAddrInfo structure, acquired from PR_GetAddrInfoByName.


#include <prnetdb.h>

void *PR_EnumerateAddrInfo(
  void *enumPtr, 
  const PRAddrInfo *addrInfo, 
  PRUint16 port, 
  PRNetAddr *result);


The function has the following parameters:

The index pointer of the enumeration. To begin an enumeration, this argument is set to NULL. To continue an enumeration (thereby getting successive addresses from the PRAddrInfo structure), the value should be set to the function's last returned value. The enumeration is complete when a value of NULL is returned.
A pointer to a PRAddrInfo structure returned by PR_GetAddrInfoByName.
The port number to be assigned as part of the PRNetAddr structure. This parameter is not checked for validity.
On input, a pointer to a PRNetAddr structure. On output, this structure is filled in by the runtime if the result of the call is not NULL.


The function returns the value you should specify in the enumPtr parameter for the next call of the enumerator. If the function returns NULL, the enumeration is ended.


PR_EnumerateAddrInfo is a stateless enumerator. The principle input, the PRAddrInfo structure, is not modified.