passwd -- change user password


passwd [-x max] [-n min] [-w warn] [-i inact] name
passwd {-l | -u} name


passwd changes authentication information for user and group accounts, including passwords and password expiry details, and may be used to enable and disable accounts. Only a user with appropriate privilege may change the password for other users or modify the expiry information.


-x max 

sets the maximum number of days a password remains valid.

-n min 

sets the minimum number of days before a password may be changed.

-w warn 

sets the number of days warning the user will receive before their password will expire.

-i inactive 

disables an account after the password has been expired for the given number of days.


disables an account by changing the password to a value which matches no possible encrypted value.


re-enables an account by changing the password back to its previous value.