foomatic-rip -- Universal print filter/RIP wrapper


Standalone Mode

foomatic-rip [-v] [-q] [-d] [ --ppd ppdfile ] [ -J jobtitle ] [ -o option=value [...] ] [ files ]


foomatic-rip jobid user jobtitle numcopies options [file]


foomatic-rip is a universal print filter which works with every known free software printer spooler.

This page describes the facilities of foomatic-rip when used as a CUPS filter and when used outside of a print system. While implementations of foomatic-rip may support other print systems, such use is not documented here.

When run as a CUPS filter, foomatic-rip reads the job from the specified file, or from standard input if no file is specified. It renders the file into a printer-specific format, and writes the result to standard output.

When run standalone, foomatic-rip will read the job from the specified files, or from standard input if no files are given. The files are rendered into a printer-specific format, which is then output according to the PPD option "FoomaticRIPPostPipe", documented in the LSB.

Printer capabilities are described to foomatic-rip via PPD files, as described (with extensions used by foomatic-rip) in the LSB. The method foomatic-rip uses to determine the proper PPD file for the printer in question is defined by the implementation of both the spooler and foomatic-rip.


Unless otherwise noted, all parameters are required when running foomatic-rip as a CUPS filter.


The internal Job ID from CUPS.


The username of the user who submitted the job.


The job's title, as submitted by the user.


The number of copies of the job requested.


A series of printer options, separated by spaces, each of which take the form name or name=value. The specific list of options supported is dependent on the printer and spooler, and is usually documented in the PPD file for the printer.

An option may be preceded by a page specification, describing the pages to which the option should apply. A page specification consists of one or more items, separated by commas, and separated from the option name by a colon. Valid items include the words "even" and "odd", a single page number, and a page range. Page ranges are described with a starting page, a dash ("-"), and an ending page. If omitted, the starting and ending pages are the first and last page, respectively, but only one of the ends of the range may be omitted.


The full path to the file containing the job. This parameter is optional; if it is not supplied, the job is read from standard input.



Verbose mode. Intended for debugging and testing purposes only.


Quiet mode - minimal information output.


Identical to the 'opts' option, but option information is left in text format. The PPD file will need to be specified using the --ppd option.

--ppd ppdfile 

The PPD file ppdfile should be applied for processing this job.

-J jobtitle 

Print the given job title in the header of every page of a plain text job.

-o option=value 

Set an option setting for this job.


foomatic-rip returns 0 unless something unexpected happens.


Till Kamppeter <> with parts of Manfred Wassmanns's <> man pages for the Foomatic 2.0.x filters.

Jeff Licquia <> adapted the original man page for the LSB.