7.3. Interface Definitions for libcups

Table of Contents
cupsAddDest -- Add a destination to the list of destinations.
cupsAddOption -- Add an option to an option array.
cupsCancelJob -- Cancel a print job on the default server.
cupsEncryption -- Get the default encryption settings.
cupsFreeDests -- Free the memory used by the list of destinations.
cupsFreeJobs -- Free memory used by job data.
cupsFreeOptions -- Free all memory used by options.
cupsGetDefault -- Get the default printer or class for the default server.
cupsGetDest -- Get the named destination from the list.
cupsGetDests -- Get the list of destinations from the default server.
cupsGetJobs -- Get the jobs from the default server.
cupsGetOption -- Get an option value.
cupsGetPPD -- Get the PPD file for a printer on the default server.
cupsGetPassword -- Get a password from the user.
cupsLangEncoding -- Return the character encoding (us-ascii, etc.)
cupsLangFlush -- Flush all language data out of the cache.
cupsLangFree -- Free language data.
cupsLangGet -- Get a language.
cupsLastError -- Return the last IPP status code.
cupsMarkOptions -- Mark command-line options in a PPD file.
cupsParseOptions -- Parse options from a command-line argument.
cupsPrintFile -- Print a file to a printer or class on the default server.
cupsPrintFiles -- Print one or more files to a printer or class on the
cupsServer -- Return the hostname/address of the default server.
cupsSetDests -- Save the list of destinations for the default server.
cupsSetEncryption -- Set the encryption preference.
cupsSetPasswordCB -- Set the password callback for CUPS.
cupsSetServer -- Set the default server name.
cupsSetUser -- Set the default user name.
cupsTempFd -- Creates a temporary file.
cupsUser -- Return the current user's name.
ppdClose -- Free all memory used by the PPD file.
ppdCollect -- Collect all marked options that reside in the specified
ppdConflicts -- Check to see if there are any conflicts.
ppdEmit -- Emit code for marked options to a file.
ppdEmitFd -- Emit code for marked options to a file.
ppdEmitJCL -- Emit code for JCL options to a file.
ppdErrorString -- Returns the text assocated with a status.
ppdFindAttr -- Find the first matching attribute...
ppdFindChoice -- Return a pointer to an option choice.
ppdFindMarkedChoice -- Return the marked choice for the specified option.
ppdFindNextAttr -- Find the next matching attribute...
ppdFindOption -- Return a pointer to the specified option.
ppdIsMarked -- Check to see if an option is marked...
ppdLastError -- Return the status from the last ppdOpen*().
ppdMarkDefaults -- Mark all default options in the PPD file.
ppdMarkOption -- Mark an option in a PPD file.
ppdOpen -- Read a PPD file into memory.
ppdOpenFd -- Read a PPD file into memory.
ppdOpenFile -- Read a PPD file into memory.
ppdPageLength -- Get the page length for the given size.
ppdPageSize -- Get the page size record for the given size.
ppdPageWidth -- Get the page width for the given size.
ppdSetConformance -- Set the conformance level for PPD files.

The interfaces defined on the following pages are included in libcups and are defined by this specification. Unless otherwise noted, these interfaces shall be included in the source standard.

Other interfaces listed in Section 7.1 shall behave as described in the referenced base document.