Script Names

Since the init.d scripts shall live in a single directory, they shall come from a single namespace. Three means of assigning names from this namespace are available:

In general, if a package or some system function is likely to be used on multiple systems, the package developers or the distribution SHOULD get a registered name through LANANA, and distributions should strive to use the same name whenever possible. For applications which may not be "core" or may not be commonly installed, the hierarchical namespace may be more appropriate. An advantage to the hierarchical namespace is that there is no need to consult with the LANANA before obtaining an assigned name.

Short names are highly desirable, since many system administrators like to use them to manually start and stop services. Given this, they should be standardized on a per-package basis. This is the rationale behind having a LANANA organization to assign these names. The LANANA may be called upon to handle other namespace issues, such as package/prerequisites naming (which is essential to making prerequisites to work correctly).