2.4. LSB Application Conformance

A conforming application containing object files is necessarily architecture specific, and must conform to both the generic LSB Core module specification (LSB Core - Generic) and the relevant architecture specific part of the LSB Core Specification. A conforming application which contains no object files may be architecture neutral. Architecture neutral applications shall conform only to the requirements of the generic LSB Core module specification (LSB Core - Generic).

In addition, the application may optionally conform to one or more additional LSB module specifications.

A conforming application shall satisfy the following requirements:

A strictly conforming application shall not require or use any interface, facility, or implementation-defined extension not defined in this specification in order to be installed or to execute successfully.

Applications distributed using the packaging specification described in the generic LSB Core specification (LSB Core - Generic) may, in addition to other package dependencies described in this specification, declare a dependency on "lsb" with a version of 5.0.

Implementation Note: Application dependencies should generally be as limited as possible. For example, if a 64-bit POWER application only depends on items from the core specification, a dependency on "lsb-core-ppc64" may be more appropriate than a dependency on "lsb". The latter dependency could cause an implementation to install a number of other modules that may not be necessary to execute this application.